Top 25 σελίδες Facebook για τις Γλώσσες 2013

Αυτό είναι το Top 25 με τους λάτρεις γλωσσών 2013 στην κατηγορία «Σελίδες στο Facebook για τις γλώσσες». Στην κατηγορία αυτή εστιάζουμε σε σελίδες στο Facebook που ασχολούνται με τις γλώσσες, όπως για παράδειγμα με τη μετάφραση, τη διερμηνεία, ή την εκμάθηση γλωσσών. Συγχαρητήρια στους νικητές! (δείτε εδώ τους νικητές του 2012)

Μην ξεχάσετε να δείτε και το Top 100 για κάθε κατηγορία:

  • 1. Learn-German-Easily

    Learn German in a fun way. German lessons, German jokes, short stories, and audio lessons that help you speak German fluently.

  • 2. Russificate

    Russificate is an online Russian language learning school. Try our real time Russian language lessons via Skype with professional teachers! Russify yourself!

  • 3. Quero Aprender Alemão

    The fanpage of a blog created in 2008 for Portuguese speakers interested in learning German.

  • 4. Deutsche Welle Learn German

    DW’s Sprachkurse department aims to help you improve your German and thereby promote the German language. We want to make learning German easy and accessible for everyone around the world.

  • 5. Bahasa Kita - Bahasa Indonesia

    Bahasa Kita provides its users various language learning features for grammar, vocabulary and in-depth knowledge on Indonesian language

  • 6. Deutsche Sprachwelt

    A great page for learning business German! Find articles, images, lessons and more to help you reach the next level.

  • 7. RUSSOemPORTUGUEScomYuliya

    A page for Portuguese speakers interested in learning Russian. Have a look at this unique page!

  • 8. Szkoła Językowa Berlin

    German for Polish speakers! Learn German with funny images and online slang.

  • 9. provides tools and opportunities for translators to network, expand their businesses, do better work and have more fun.

  • 10. Fluent in 3 months

    Unconventional language hacking tips from Benny the Irish polyglot; travelling the world to learn new languages to fluency.

Thanks to everyone that wrote, nominated and voted for these blogs! We hope to see you back on Lexiophiles soon, and look forward to seeing your contributions to the dictionaries.